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I am an Artist, Visionary, Entrepreneur and Coach.

Born an artist I am a poet, photographer, painter and filmmaker … I see the artist and creator in everyone and my passion is to bring it up and out into the world. Because of my love for creatives and artists I have created this company where I cater only to artists and creative professionals.

I am a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coaching Association. Following an education including a BFA (with a concentration in Photography & Film) and an MS in Computer Software Engineering (can I hear a shout out for combining art & technology) I took myself into a 20-year executive and consulting career in the corporate world for Fortune 100 companies. My creativity went with me everywhere I went and over 15 years ago I became an Entrepreneur by opening a Web Design company (marrying my technology and art into an incredibly lucrative business). Bottom line: I know the ins and outs of founding, starting and running successful profit and non-profit organizations both large and small.

I am currently also owner of Freedom-Is-Now a global coaching company that does entrepreneur, life and creativity coaching. Prior to that, for 9 years, I was co-owner of a large full service corporate, entrepreneur, life, health and spiritual coaching firm that employed 30+ coaches,  I have been a Business; Personal Coach for 25+ years. I am trained in Michael Gerber’s (EMyth), Coach University’s and Fowler-Wainwright’s technology, plus an array of my own well crafted, proven technologies.

In addition, I have produced extraordinary results in the lives of thousands of people through one-on-one coaching, leading workshops, seminars and intensive Leadership programs. I have a proven track record of Relationship, Creativity and Life Coaching to compliment all my years of Business coaching.

I love working with my clients to create a purpose/vision for themselves and/or their businesses and am ruthless in making sure my clients fulfill on that purpose/vision. My style is a mixture of love, compassion and laser coaching that leaves no option but success. Oh, and I gave up that life had to be sooooo serious years ago and enjoy what I do … and I want my clients to be able to do the same … so even though I make sure my clients succeed wildly you can count on that it will not be a grueling, hard experience!

I currently am pre-launch on a global platform for women artists, We Artistic Women, LLC in late 2023. In Jan 2023 I purchased 10 acres of land in Florida called Freedom Acres … a Sacred, Sovereign Space that will be the home of We Artistic Women.  My vision is to use this land as a space where we can create and collect together in nature.


Me the Artist

Artist, VIsionary, Entrepeneur & Coach
My mother once said to me, “Kym, you are a freak, you always have been and you always will be!” Though highly offended for a few minutes, I quickly got that it was a compliment & chirped back while laughing out loud, “YES!!!! Thank you, Mom!”. I was a very successful woman of 40 at the time and my very conservative mother (who had lived through my many creative phases my whole life) was actually laughing with me this time. I have grown, throughout my life, to love and honor that in thing in me (the uncommon), since the only other choice would have been that I would have not been me. I deeply love and honor that in all artists.

Want to know a little More?

I founded a non-profit organization for women artists in the Tampa Bay area in the early 2000s. It still raises the hairs on my arms when I think about it. We educated artists, helped them build their businesses and got their art out in the world. We had visual art in restaurants and galleries and had monthly events combining both visual and performance artists. Our members ranged in ages from 8 – 85. I can still remember every artist and the looks on their faces as their art was being appreciated on a wall or in front of an audience. An artist that is being appreciated comes alive.
Doing Slam Poetry for the first time in front of a live audience. It was the scariest and most powerful moment I had ever experienced. It launched me back into my own art and took me to a level of confidence that has had me never look back.
My art has shifted into such an experimental realm … I have let go of my rigorously tight assumptions and now allow myself to enjoy the sensuality of colors and textures in everything I create. There was a freeing that happened over the last 15 years that allows for me to simply be fully self expressed with no overriding need to control anything.
Enjoying the Atlantic Ocean right off my balcony and outside my door (the sound of the ocean is the most incredible music to me). Playing with the 3 1/2 pound furry being named Bella who lets me live with her. Meditating. Yoga. Experiencing energy, vibrations and dimensions that I hid my connection to from myself as a child.

“The most visible creators are those artists whose medium is life itself. The ones who express the inexpressible – without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar. They neither paint nor sculpt. Their medium is simply being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life. They see, but don’t have to draw… Because they are the artists of being alive.” ~ J Stone

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