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Can I just tell you how much I love making a difference for others? It has been how I have lived my life every since I can remember. I am not the care-about-you-and-negate-me kind of woman, everything I bring to the table to serve you I have put to work on me first. I have the created life of my dreams. It is as I designed it. I want that for you! And I know that you can have it because I have it. What do you really want? What, if there were no obstacles, would your life, your Creativity, your Art and your Art Business or Art Career to look like? That is the service I am here to do … it is what I am here for in this life. That fulfills me.

NOW … How can I serve you? Time to leave behind the suffering? Time to experience your real passion freely? Time to move from dreams to dream fulfilled reality? That is how I can serve you!

Why Me?

Ultimately what you want is to produce results that you either have not been able to produce on your own or that you want to produce faster than you can on your own … that is where I come in.
Your results are my results so I focus 100% on what you want … that is my whole mission … I am your personal coach!
I have a rule: I only do it if it is fun … so there is no grueling processing, struggling or suffering on my watch.
I will empower you, I will make sure you feel good about you, your art and/or your business … AND the point is the results … no results no transformation!


My coaching is not about simply improving or changing things. This is Evolutionary Coaching. It sticks.

I am a purpose and vision creator.  I will have you QUIT: settling, tolerating and making do with things in your Life, your Art, your Creativity, your Art Business or Art Career life that is anything short of your absolute vision. I will have you START winning, being empowered, leading, taking control, making quantum leaps and having life, art and/ or your creative business look and run exactly as you want it to.

Fulfilling on your dreams is not an airy-fairy concept – it is based on real, on-the-court breakthroughs with consistent, intentional actions. I know the questions to ask, I know the work to do, and I will make sure you produce seemingly impossible results.


All of my Coaching plans are designed to provide you with breakthrough evolutionary conversations. My plans are designed to fit any budget or level of urgency. Naturally, the more time I have in conversation with you, per month, the faster we can move you AND you will move with any coaching plan. My suggestion for picking a plan is to look at the urgency of your situation, and create a plan that will propel you forward at the speed you want to move.

Know that once I start working with you, momentum will build quickly, and areas of your Life, Art and/or Art business or Art Career, like your finances, will begin to alter immediately. Most of my clients start with a plan that is a stretch for them both time wise and money wise, because having skin in the game pulls them past the beginning moments when their old patterns may want to sabotage their efforts, then swiftly move to upper-level plans as I evolve their weekly cash flow and productivity. I also allow for mixing plans to accommodate times when you may have more urgency.

I have an 8-month minimum with all of my coaching plans. I have found, in working with clients at all levels, that it takes that long to distinguish old patterns that are not serving clients, establish new patterns that will produce the new vision they create for themselves, their businesses, and/or their organizations, and implement all of the changes that are necessary to keep the new patterns in place, such that they have a new way of operating that doesn’t slide backwards.



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And What will the Coaching COST?

Breathe. Anything can be worked out in a conversation!

My years of experience and the results I produce are Valuable. I am not “cheap” but, trust me, you don’t want cheap coaching. A coach who does not know his/her value in the world can never coach you to know yours! AND … I have a WIDE array of pricing packages that we can customize to fit your commitment and budget.

Hiring a Coach is not like buying a widget where one size fits all. My coaching is specific to you and customizable. Have a Free consultation with me and let’s determine what you really need and if we are a fit for one another. If we are then I am sure we can work out the pricing!

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