What does it look like?

On the phone or through Skype calls … in the comfort of your own home, business, studio … at a time that is convenient for you … yeahhhhhh technology!!

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Coaching Services

What to Expect

  • Straight talk – I am impartial and it allows me to completely honest with you
  • A judgment free zone – Because I am impartial, you will not be judged or made wrong by me so you can be free to be completely honest with me (& things will move much faster that way)
  • I will listen deeply – I am trained to hear not only what you say but also what you may not be saying or may not even know you want to say that is hidden from you
  • Skillfully designed questions & inquiries that allow for immediate evolution of literally ANYTHING that has been in your way, is slowing you down, and/or stopping you from having the life, creativity, business, and/or your organization EXACTLY the way you want it to be
  • A demand for actions and results – coaching is action oriented – action = results
  • My eye on attending to balance in your life while taking actions and producing results
  • Rigor – Irreverent, unorthodox conversations, assignments and implementations
  • OFF-the-charts, unimaginable results
  • Immediate and quantum leaps at an unprecedented rate
  • A Compassionate Partner who has the utmost respect for who you REALLY are and what you are REALLY up to (vs. how you may have come to know yourself because of old patterns)

What Clients Say

“A Coach?! No, I don’t think so.. real artists don’t use coaches, we suffer, it’s part of being an artist.” – Elyse Rich, circa 2011, pre Kym. Right from the first conversation, Kym Dolcimascolo impressed me with her openness and intuitive, free-flowing style. Trust was a big issue for me, so this approach inspired confidence.The results I’ve generated with Kym have far surpassed what I was originally looking for.

Working in the music industry, my original goals were centered there. With Kym I was able to grow my production company, produce high quality products, get better DJ gigs, make more money and grow into a consultant. Because of her experience, Kym has been able to successfully guide me in both my business and personal life. With her coaching, I’ve had victories over my past relationship patterns to create the relationship of my dreams. If you want off the chart results in every area of your life, work with Kym. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me to be where I am today.

I can not speak more highly of Kym Dolcimascolo and her coaching. I have had more movement … breakthroughs … transformations in all the areas of my life since I have started coaching with her than I can count. If you are an artist and want to have the same I encourage you to reach out to her and have a conversation about what is possible for you and your art!
Loren Brenda Pulitzer, Chef / Meals That Heal
As a long standing client of Kym’s, I consider her a compassionate and LOVING HARD HITTING coaching. Through her consistent and loving approach to life, business and love the results in my life have proven to be life altering, life shaking and life loving. I highly recommend Kym to anyone ready for results!
Heather Ann Havenwood, Havenwood Worldwide, LLC
I am a freelance journalist, who lives and works in London, United Kingdom. Kym has been my coach for the past 1 ½ years. Engaging Kym as my coach was one of the best things I have ever done in my entire life (and I am 49 years old, so that’s quite a bit of life)… I can wholeheartedly recommend her services. Kym has the unique ability to combine creativity and money. She is also excellent with supporting people whatever’s the weather. She never wavers or gives up, she is always VERY POSITIVE and very upbeat and in good spirits and she has encouraged and inspired me like no other. I have not come across many coaches who have so much to offer and to give.

Many thanks Kym, for the amazing and unbelievably powerful support that you have given me!

Frank H. Diebel
18 Bushberry Road
London E9 5SX

Frank H. Diebel, Freelance Journalist
I’ve been coached by many different kinds of companies and styles and have to say that Kym Dolcimascolo is, by far, the best personal and professional coach that I have ever had. Her techniques are precise, creative, fun, inspiring and nearly effortless to implement. Anyone is better off for giving her a call and seeing what she can do for you and whatever goals you have for your life!
Cara Flatley So'oto, Entrepreneur

How does coaching work?

We begin our Coaching with YOU by defining your life and/or business, as it is – the raw reality. Next we define together, in detail, what you REALLY want the future of your life, Art and Art business /Art Career to look like. Achieving clarity about what you want is the foundation we then build off of. Then we then define the goals to get there and the actions steps that will result in those goals being achieved.

Our calls together will be adventures in helping you see the blind spots that keep you from the things you want as a person and an Artist and move through them swiftly and easily. I help you move things out of your way and guide you along. My Coaching is designed to have you experience things newly and see things in ways that will have what seemed difficult now be achievable.

In between our coaching calls you will have clear actions to take that move you forward one step at a time with me right by your side. Your Creativity will expand. Your Art will become richer and more of an expression of the REAL you. Your Art Business or Art Career will take off to new levels.

What actually happens?


  • A brief look at your prior week (most status updates are done throughout the week by email)
  • A series of questions & inquiries to move anything unseen to the surface
  • A conversation to evolve and shift what needs to be evolved and shifted
  • An alignment of action items for upcoming week
  • Delivery of any assignments designed to implement the new evolution over the upcoming week and begin to uncover what needs to be evolved next.


  • Work on assignments
  • Report on assignments and results
  • Hold you accountable for action items
  • Capture new things that come up as stops, slow downs or barriers
  • Produce desired results in area/areas we are currently working on