I remember this debate that we would get into back in art school … it went something like this: Does Art create life or does life create Art? (maybe it is still going on …. LOL) and somewhere in the process we would always end up in our own personal inquiry about why we were artists and how meaningful our current work is for us.

There seems to be something missing for may artists/creatives if they are not experiencing meaningfulness in their work.   (I don’t mean to leave out the rest of the human race … we humans are always in some stage of uncovering, discovering, remembering, creating and/or fulfilling on our purpose or meaning in life) For many creative people it is more than just a philosophical curiosity … it is a driving force … a personal journey.

WHY do we do what we do? WHY do we create? What do we want to share with others, to give to the world … what is our message NOW? You know what I am talking about … it is the really juicy stuff that is beyond what medium you are expressing in or satisfying your ego for a moment or what price you can get for your work.

I think it is one of the most beautiful things about the many artists I work with … that desire to produce meaningful work or work that matters … to leave others in an experience … to provoke thought … to have their own sense of meaning … to leave a legacy even. It is bigger than them.

The flip side is when we have a meaning crisis and forget or move beyond our WHY. That stage, when what our WHY is eludes us, or no longer seems relevant or has lost it’s value, can be very dislocating. That is UNLESS we realize that perhaps it is simply time to create a new WHY and dig for and create something meaningful again. Maybe it is just time to find what is missing and bring it forth. That process can be scary or exciting … I prefer to think of it as exciting!

Whether life creates art or art creates life … my real question is: Does what you are creating give you life?
Are you doing work that you find meaningful and matters to you right now?

P.S. Thank you for the courage it takes to create … it is such a gift to the world!!!