I just bought some new fountain pens and a blank sketch book!  Maybe, since I am really excited about them, I should say that like: I JUST BOUGHT SOME NEW FOUNTAIN PENS & A BLANK SKETCH BOOK!!!!!!!!  OK, now I know you may be thinking …. “Soooooooo what, Kym?” or  “What is the BIG deal?”

Today is Labor Day in the US, it usually marks the end of summer.  My new pens are part of my END-OF-SUMMER syndrome.  I gratefully live in South Florida on the Ocean and some people would say that summer never really ends here.  But for me, and those of us who live here, we know the difference … the intense heat of the August summer subsides a little, the humidity lifts some … and I am restless and ready for a shift and something new.

(I suspect this is what those of you who live in colder climates feel towards the end of the winter … time for a break …)

Each year at this time, after enjoying the slowness of the summer, I suddenly I know something needs to happen and I am pulled in action.  Many times it is a multitude of things all at once. I suddenly want to hear certain music that I don’t normally listen to, to meet new people for inspiration, see new different colors or different visuals, etc. … it all about things that are fresh and new.

Whenever it is time for me to shift and change I get a massive itch to create much more than usual (and I am always creating even if just in my head).  I may be called to painting, photography, poetry, digital art …  … I never know exactly where that burst of creativity will lead me … but it usually leads the way for new things not just in my art but also in my life. I visit the old question about “Does-Life-Create-Art or Does-Art-Create-Life?” and watch as they feed each other.

So, this time, in the spirit of the end of Summer ending and the new impending restlessness that leaves me needing to create something new, I ended up with new fountain pens and a new blank sketch book … LOL.  It didn’t require a lot of thought … one thing lead to another and VIOLA!  I haven’t had fountain pens in years … they just called out to me, in the middle of all the other thoughts about what was next, and I listened.

I intend to fully honor this moment … time for a new season and a new spin on my Art and life … time to explore … time to use fine tipped nibs with black, sepia and purple ink and medium tipped nibs in various colors and let them fly across the paper.  Watercolors, pastels and graphite may have to join the pens in this adventure.

I am imagining that photos and digital images will get printed and taped in as I draw on and around them too … and I may discover short pieces of prose and poems that rip out across the page when I am not trying.  I do not know what is going to come out, once I open to the first blank page, but I am willing.  I am just going to go with it.

No matter where you are in the world it is still September and it indicates time is moving forward.  The end of the 3rd quarter and the beginning of a shift into the next season and we are marching towards the end of the year now.  Yep, it is inevitable … coming to a calendar near you soon … 2016 wrapping up!!!  More of a reason to get busy and create newly now I say ….

Any shifts you want to make as the seasons shift where you are?

What do you create or create with when it is time for something new?

Is anything calling to you?

As always, I/we would love to hear from you … I always find it so inspiring what YOU are up to and how you walk this journey of being an Artist … please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and creative process with me/us!



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