Most artists live to create (and create to live) … but how much time do you actually spend mastering your art, creating, engaged in what you love to do?

Have you created today? Did you last touch your pen, brushes, guitar, chisel, sound board, camera, charcoal, etc. a few days ago, last week, two weeks ago … longer?

So many artists I know are looking for “time” to get to their passion. Life & life responsibilities “seems” to keep them staring longingly at their canvas or manuscript or dance shoes, etc.

Many other artists have put their art aside “for a while” telling themselves “Someday, as soon as I ___________________ I will get back to making my art.”

Have you ever noticed that someday never comes? Have you seen that your art keeps taking a back seat to other things based on there only being 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, etc.?

Perhaps it is time to get real about the fact that you are either creating or you aren’t and the thing keeping you from creating may NOT be that nebulous thing we call “time”. I know it is easy to tell yourself that IF you just had time you would be creating every day … but would you? You don’t really know do you … because you may have never experienced having all the time you think you need … or if you did it was short lived.

Mastering time is an Art itself. Time is a perception – a false reality. But, KYM … you may be thinking … it is very Real … look the clock is ticking … it is ticking while I sit here and read this. Yep, the clock is ticking alright & while it ticks are you using every precious second like it is an hour or are you waiting for that magicial empty hour to do what you want to do?

WHAT IF you could bend time? WHAT IF you got to say that every second was a long as you needed it to be? Would you be creating every day then? Worth looking at isn’t it? IF I could show you that time is flexible then what would stop you, slow you down or sabotage you next? Not sure because time has always been in the way? Then let’s bend time and find out.

Time to create NOW!!! NOW is the only time we have. NOW is infinite. Move the concept of time out of your way & I promise you can tackle whatever else may be stopping you too (if there is anything else). I love starting with moving the big things first … can you tell?