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12 11, 2015

How Much Time should YOU Spend on the Business of your Art?

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I get asked this question a lot. My first reaction is to the word “should” – the minute I hear “should” I shudder a little – should is one of those tricky little words that we use when we think there is a right answer and we want to make sure we are doing the [...]

15 10, 2015

Balancing Art and Life and YOU

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Balance is a funny thing! Every one of us has a different sense of what that would look like to us. For some of us it is having everything partitioned out in our life in perfect harmony … for others it is having more time assigned for our Art or to work on our creative [...]

29 07, 2015

Do YOU have the Time to Create?

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Most artists live to create (and create to live) ... but how much time do you actually spend mastering your art, creating, engaged in what you love to do? Have you created today? Did you last touch your pen, brushes, guitar, chisel, sound board, camera, charcoal, etc. a few days ago, last week, two weeks [...]