How many projects or works of art do you have that you call “unfinished”? You know what I am talking about … they are sitting there waiting for the final piece of “perfection”. It isn’t quiet done, quiet right, quiet complete …

What would happen if you just released them out into the world just as they are? Would the sky fall, would everyone notice, and/or would someone announce into the public domain “OMG, this is not perfect!”? I bet not.

Not only that but what if that final perfect inspiration never happens? Will someone be able to tell the world for you, “She had 100 ALMOST completed (but clearly imperfect) projects/works!”?   Will it make any difference then?  Yes – to the people who then get to enjoy them but certainly not to you!

Da Vinci, Kafka, MOzart, Hendrix. Welles … the list goes on … all left unfinished work when they died … let’s let the final curtain going down be the only reason to not get out work out in the world … not perfectionism.

Release your work … let it out of your very tightly controlled perfection inspection spiral … call each piece perfect and complete at some point and let it gooooooo … let someone have it and enjoy it!

It is AMAZING what happens when you allow yourself to release your work.  Another thought comes, a new inspiration … movement … for YOU!   No longer trapped in the past you are freed up again.

What work can you release today?