Success is measured differently by everyone … but for the most part I find that when I talk to people they actually measure it against others … “they” are successful so, therefore, you aren’t … or some flavor of that.

Weird paradigm right? In the world of comparisons there will always be people who have more (more money, more love, more time, more opportunities, etc. etc. and yes, more success) but have you looked around lately at those who have less? And how do you actually know which is which? What is real vs. what each person elaborates on to look good?

IF you are able to read this consider that you have already been successful – stop looking around and comparing and count your successes (let go of the size equation – there is no size to success, success is success when we quit comparing).

If you could stop using the “norm” to measure things and stop comparing for a few moments you might be able to determine what success would really look like for YOU.  That is all that is ultimately important.  If you could define it, you can … and here is the magical part … actually accomplish it.

Basic GPS functions: you need to know where you are and where you want to go … plug in those two variables and the little voice in the GPS  says “turn left, go .3 miles, turn right …” until you arrive. Of course, the other BIG key is following the directions … (and if something goes wrong you simply can re-route).

Next thought … what happens when there is a traffic jam or an detour … is your GPS able to handle it?  IF not then there is this very old, ancient secret … ask another human being who has been there and can tell you how to get there!

Success is out there if you know what you want … it is only the route and your willingness to follow directions and ask for help that is questionable.

Ready to stop comparing and arrive to your OWN success destination?
What is Success to YOU?
Who are you going to ask if your GPS gets stuck?