I just had a birthday! WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I turned 58. I am not sure exactly how that happened but it did and I am thankfully to continue being here.  I was doing what I do each year for my birthday: reviewing my life and letting myself experience the gratitude and joy I have for my life and each step of my journey. As I was reviewing my life it occurred to me, that I have been through a few transitions during my life (laugh here at my understatement, please).

I realized that each of those transitions was because of a particular calling that propelled me forward. However, at times I was really slow to follow that calling. I now know that when I get truly called to something by my REAL SELF it is time for me to follow.  That will simply mean another transition. I have also learned that I can heed the calling or I can ignore, resist and/or fight it and I personally am done with those reactions – it is transition or stay where I am – which means I will miss out on some fabulous evolution waiting for me. So I listen and follow now. Big Victory!

Many (actually most) of the Artists I coach came to Art as a calling … some of them were first called early and then stuck with it for life, some were first called to Art much later and have continued, some of them were called first early and then put it down until they were called (a little more urgently usually) again later (I was in that category just for the records).  They also have changed mediums and markets and paths with their Art along the way because of a calling to do so.  There is a whole range of callings and ways we react to callings.

YOU may be anywhere in this range yourself.  Perhaps, at this point in time there is something calling to you! If there is and you are not acting on it there may be voices in your head that are giving you the “too” speech as the calling keeps coming. It goes something like this: “I am too ______________ to _____________”!  For example: I am too old to start a Music career, I am too young to make it in the Painting world, I am too broke, too slow to learn, too out of touch, too, too, too!   Have you been dealing with some “too” conversation? Does it sound familiar?

OK … so let’s set the record straight: We are NEVER toooooooooooo anything to follow our dreams, our calling, our purpose. What we might be doing, however, is listening tooooooooooo much to that lie as if it was the truth and letting it keep us from our real SELF! Time to call that nasty ol’ lie out for what it is and STOP letting it sabotage us.

The question is really: What is the cost, in your life and maybe even to the planet, of NOT following your calling / passion / purpose? Now THAT, if you really contemplate it for a little while, could be a perfect reason to jump into whatever transition that may be required with both feet.

Ready to Paint? Start Painting. Ready to be a Photographer? Start taking Photos. Ready to Dance. Start Dancing.   Ready to Sing? Start Singing.   Ready to write that book? Start writing.   Now? YES, I mean NOW! Right now? YES!

Notice I didn’t say you needed to bring the rest of your world to a halt – maybe you decide to do that and that is perfect for you – however, you can also transition there. The trick is to accept that calling now and let go of all the “too” conversations now so you can allow yourself any transition it will require!

I don’t care if it is picking up a paintbrush for the first time or the first time in 20 years or it is switching from painting to photography or from dance to sculpture or from having a studio to starting a gallery or from realist work to abstract work … allow yourself to listen to and follow the calling. My bet, if I were a betting woman, is that it won’t go away … it will just return and return and return. Spare yourself that and the “woulda”, “coulda”, “shoulda” that goes along with it later!

What has been calling you that you have been ignoring and/or resisting and/or fighting?

I look forward to hearing from you … I know I probably have more transitions left in this life and I welcome them if and when they show up – I would love for you to be able to welcome yours too so you can follow your REAL SELF which always has incredible juicy plans for you!