Balance is a funny thing! Every one of us has a different sense of what that would look like to us. For some of us it is having everything partitioned out in our life in perfect harmony … for others it is having more time assigned for our Art or to work on our creative projects. But mostly when I hear people talk about Balance I hear some reference to time and what they can or can’t do.

What if Balance has nothing to do with time at all? Perhaps it is not an experience of time spent on things in our lives but rather our experience of our Self. Maybe WE are out of balance vs. “life” being out of balance.

I know that there have been times in my life when I felt like life was not balanced. Interestingly enough when I look back at those times I had a LOT less actually going on than I do now but I experience Balance now. Soooooooooo, it was not actually a factor of the way my time was spent. It was how I thought about my life and myself at the time.

Perhaps the BIG Secret to Balance is that Balance is an internal state vs. an external one! If we take the concept of Balance out of the realm of something out there in Life that needs to be dealt with and consider it from inside then suddenly there is a new set of questions that could arise for us such as: What would it require for me to have a sense of Balance no matter what is going on in my life?

Now this doesn’t mean that we may not want to rearrange the times we spend on various things so that we are spending more time on things that FULFILL us and give us pleasure – and we may still want to do that. It does, however, have us consider being responsible for our experience of Balance in a new way.

Once you uncover and develop your internal Balance everything begins to look, very different. Then you can create a life where no matter what you add to your plate, or if things need to skew more in one area of life than another for a while, you still have Balance.

I know this may sound crazy but if you can find out what REALLY has you feel unbalanced internally and work on that then REAL Balance is possible.   It becomes yours to access anytime you want in any situation. If you find that internal Balance then you may see ways you want to restructure your time and the things you want to do in your life but your sense of Balance will not depend on it.

Our lives can be really active. It isn’t a bad thing – it is just how it is. When you create an internal Balance then time simply becomes a factor of quality vs. quantity and you can find all kinds of ways to have it all!

Yesterday I worked on a series of photographs for an hour. I painted for 30 minutes this morning as the sun was coming up. In between my focused Art times I use my creativity all day coaching and running my businesses and managing my life.

From the outside someone else may think my life looks unbalanced but on the inside I am completely Balanced and connected with everything I love and that I am here on this planet to do. It makes for a really exciting, passionate life with nothing left out!

Is your experience of Life Balanced now? Are you willing to dig deeper to find out why it REALY feels that way and do what you need to do to bring balance to it?

Feel free to share what may come up for you as you read this … I love knowing what you think!!!